Wesleigh Sterrs 

A native of Maine, Wesleigh has spent years in freelance video production. He and his camera have been on tour with bands, on boats with fishermen, and in the studio with painters, poets and performers. Wes has enjoyed working on a myriad of projects, bringing an imaginative eye to commercials, short films, animations and documentaries. He continues to develop personal and abstract projects when not collaborating on all aspects of production with MEDIA LOMA. 

Mel Salmi

Raised in Finland, Mel studied film production in Helsinki where she worked extensively as a producer in both narrative and documentary film. Mel has traveled with her crew to countries such as Estonia and Lebanon, and her award-winning work has been seen at festivals around the world. In 2016, she relocated from Europe to Maine, where she continues to bring her creative and hands-on production style to every set. 

Devon Cole

Devon Cole

Devon is a multi-instrumentalist who has spent years developing his skills as an audio producer in order to bring his musical visions into reality. His music has been featured in blogs, and used by video producers around the world for their projects. Devon loves composing for film, because it allows him to explore new forms of song structure that are less confined to the verse chorus dichotomy of traditional pop and folk music. When he’s not writing or recording music, Devon enjoys sitting down with a dusty old book and a nice cup of tea. Devon has been a part of the MEDIA LOMA story since the very beginning and we're beyond lucky to have him.




In addition to Wesleigh, Mel and Devon, MEDIA LOMA is formed by wonderful, talented freelancers - most of whom are also based in Maine. Depending on the needs of a project, we will hire professional photographers, audio recording artists, drone operators, color correction artists, VFX-artists, set designers, food stylists, hair and make-up artists, audio mixing artists, live music recording artists and animators. We highly value our crew and only work with people we trust and know will share our enthusiasm, sensitivity and professionalism on set.


In-house, we have a cinema-quality camera, cinema prime lenses, professional zoom lenses and filters, audio and lighting equipment, as well as everything needed for a smooth and professional post-production process. If your projects needs some extra oomph, we’re always happy to book a studio, decorate a set, rent a green screen, set up a dolly track, blast some lights, and make your most ambitious visions come to life.